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Oyama Chemical
Through the use of dope dyed fiber,
made from recycled PET bottle flake to market.
Oyama Chemical Co., Ltd. is a made-to-order manufacturer of polyester fiber.
Oyama Chemical Co., Ltd.
Company Info
Oyama Chemical Co., Ltd. started operations in 1968. We have a PET bottle recycling facility in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is the front door of the northern Kanto region, and as a recycled fiber manufacturer that manufactures fiber from PET bottles, we meet the various needs of our customers. We have been working on PET bottle recycling even before the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law came into effect.
About product
We manufacture high quality dope dyed fiber and extra-thick fiber. In addition, we own a composite spinning machine, and as a functional fiber, we also support melt fiber and microfiber. We provide the same level of quality as major synthetic fiber manufacturers in high-mix low-volume production.
There are simple fiber and conjugate fiber as producible fiber as recycled raw materials.
Those with no experience welcome! We are recruiting employees with whom to work together.
Would you like to grow with us in a new field?
Oyama Chemical has many employees with a wealth of experience, therefore even individuals new to the industry can begin working without worry.
This is an environment where you can find satisfaction in your work and improve your skills. Please see the application guideline for details.
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