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Oyama Chemical

There are two group companies in the United States and South Korea.
【Meeting user needs, focusing on recycled materials】

Nowadays, we cannot talk about corporate activities without the word "recycling".
We are practicing the ecology activities that many companies have begun to work on as a basic corporate philosophy for more than 40 years.
We make a variety of products by selecting the most suitable materials according to user needs, these recycled raw materials.
In particular, 95% or more of recycled polyester fiber has acquired the Eco Mark, so it is used by companies and public organizations that are highly interested in recycling, mainly in uniforms, and has been highly evaluated.
【Abundant products lineup of 300 types】

As a recycled fiber manufacturer, we manufacture dope dyed fiber and extra-thick fiber.
We can supply about 300 types of fiber per month in small quantities of various products.
[Dope dyed fiber technology of color matching for any color you need.]

To meet any need, we stick to the color of dope dyed fiber.
In particular, the color matching of the dope dyed fiber is highly accurate and reproducible, and can respond in a short lead time.
Also, unlike the dyeing process, it does not require the use of a large amount of water and is an eco-friendly product.
Generally, polyester fiber is colored with dyes, but we mix pigments with melted polyester to produce colored, weather-resistant fiber.
【Fiber technology for making fine decitex(dtex) fiber】

We are providing fiber which has various diameter to meet customer requirement for their final products.
From 1.3 to 3.3 dtex for ceiling skin materials for automobiles, 6 to 15 dtex for floors, 40 to 150 dtex for industrial materials, etc., it is possible to freely reel from fineness to extra-thickness.This advanced silk-reeling technology is an important technology that supports our business concept of high-mix low-volume production. We are also challenging the development of modified cross-section fiber (hollow, flat, star-shaped, etc.).
[Development of conjugate fiber]

New functionality is created by heat-sealing the melting points of high and low polymers, and by adding recycled fiber technology. We are also working on the development and manufacture of conjugate fiber, such as combining polyester and polypropylene. We have already developed conjugate fiber such as "Sheath Core" and "side by side" to meet new needs.

Cross section of Special Fiber

Sheath Core
Sea island
Side by side
【Quality control】

As a recycled fiber manufacturer, we are focusing on quality control and technological development in order to produce homogeneous products and deliver high quality products. For quality control, we have set up a color measurement room and a physical property test room, and carry out strict control over many items such as color homogeneity, strength, elongation, heat shrinkage rate / oil content adhesion amount, and raw material analysis. In the field of technological development, we are researching the development of new colors and the development of sustainable fiber in line with SDGs day and night.
【Challenge to new material development】

When you stop dreaming, your development as a manufacturer ends there. We are constantly innovating to bring new dreams to life.
Along with the development of conjugate fiber such as "split" and "Sea Island", we are developing new materials by combining the "recycling" and "coloring technology" that we have cultivated so far with the new "polymer / structure". Through these technological innovations and new system development, we will realize our dreams one by one as a recycled fiber maker. We develop products that meet the needs of our customers and the functions of materials.

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